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TG TRANSIT is a telecommunication company which has been operating in voice market since 2005 and it has TIER-1/2 interconnections and VoIP peers with more than 150 service providers, including the most reliable and significant players on the market.
We are offering reliable high-quality routes with many directs to Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa. We are interconnected with many customers by TDM in Frankfurt (Ancotel), which makes our service more reliable and qualitative. We have POP’s in Latvia and Lithuania with connections to local operators by TDM, but we are also offering a connection by IP using H.323 and SIP protocols.

We have direct routes to mobile and landline networks in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, UK, Denmark, Romania, Georgia, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Iran and others. We also provide proven and stable grey routes from direct suppliers to such destinations as: Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Somalia, Serbia, Italy, Finland and many more.
TG TRANSIT offers a voice termination to wholesale and retail customers developing two products, such as Standard (low-cost voice termination) and Premium (high quality voice termination). We only use the best-in-class equipment and provide a complete management of all the traffic running through our network. Our own developed software allows us to monitor the traffic 24/7 considering every customer’s requirements, as well as to make special routing and dedicate the capacity on customer’s demand.

Our company is always open for new partnerships in order to expand the business and our proactive team will help to meet your requirements for voice termination.


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Destination ASR ACD
Belarus proper 55% 8
Belarus mobile all 50% 4
Georgia proper 70% 11

Destination ASR ACD
Albania Mobile Vodafone 45% 5
Finlad mobile all 45% 5
Ghana all 40% 4


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ITW 2013 in Chicago, USA

2013, May

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GCCM 2013 in London, UK

2013, March

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