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About Us

TG Transit is a telecommunication company which has been operating in voice market since 2005 and it has TIER-1/2 interconnections and VoIP peers with more than 150 service providers, including the most reliable and significant players on the market.

We are offering reliable high-quality routes with lots of directs to Europe, CIS and Africa. Having POP’s in Latvia and Lithuania TG Transit has interconnections to in-country operators by TDM. As one of the options, we offer connection by IP using H.323 and SIP protocols.

We have direct routes to mobile and landline networks in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and others. We also provide proven and stable grey routes from direct suppliers to such destinations as: Uzbekistan, China, Ghana, Somalia, Serbia, Italy, Finland and many more.

TG Transit offers voice termination to wholesale and retail customers. Our company is developing two products, such as Standard (low-cost voice termination) and Premium (high quality voice termination). We only use the best-in-class equipment and provide a complete management of all traffic running through our network. Our own developed software allows us to monitor the traffic 24/7 concentrating on every customer’s requirements.

What We Do

We provide voice termination and hosted TDM switching

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Three main indexes of stability and steady growth.

Our expertise in Voice helps to connect carriers across the world and makes TG Transit a reliable partner on the VoIP market.


Years on the market

Direct routes

Doing the right thing, at the right time.

We never stop developing our routing which includes many direct suppliers and we still keep looking for new interconnections to make our services even better. TG Transit is linked with more than 400 carriers and we are always interested in new connections with the operators who have direct qualitative routes at competitive rates. Do not hesitate to contact us if you can offer such routes and you are interested in using our extensive variety of strong destinations.

Become a partner

Our company is always open for new partnerships in order to expand the business and our proactive team will help to meet your requirements for voice termination.


Voice Termination

For many years the priorities for TG Transit team were to provide our customers with high quality voice termination, by offering competitive rates on the market.

High quality and reasonable rates are our main target values. Taking into account our customers’ preferences, we have developed few routing tables for different quality and rate levels.

Having many years of services development experience, we tend to provide the best quality voice termination with the best rate on the market, so they do not interfere with each other.

Standard A-Z routing table

A routing table with many direct wholesale suppliers for such regions as Europe, CIS, ME, Africa and Asia

Premium routing table

A routing table with the destinations routed through direct suppliers only - white CLI routes, that is why A-Z is not provided

Retail A-Z routing table

A routing table, where traffic is terminated only through Tier1/Tier2 telecoms connected by TDM where the CLI and fax support are guaranteed

Routing tables based on customers’ preferences for every separate destination are available as well. You are always welcome to discuss preferable rates for the required quality contacting our sales team in order to get a special offer for creating your own routing table on demand. We are flexible when it comes to individual approach to each client.

Hosted TDM switching

This turnkey solution is provided together with the complete software developed by TG Transit advanced programmers’ team, which includes Billing, Routing and Monitoring systems. It is easy to start your own telephony business: just let professionals make it simple and cheap to launch, and enjoy the business process which is highly effective and serviceable.

TG Transit is actively offering high class hosted switching for Latvian customers and our company is working hard to improve the services in order to meet higher requirements of local and foreign customers. Highly skilled IT professionals and engineers of TG Transit will implement these services on your demand. You are always welcome to contact us to specify your requirements in order to receive our proposal.


Voice over IP technology plays an increasingly important role in the telecom industry and we are doing our best in order to meet these challenges by offering high level IP interconnections. SIP has become very popular nowadays and we widely use this elegant protocol in our network, but we still fully support the first official VoIP protocol - H.323.

Whichever VoIP protocol you choose to get interconnected with us (SIP, H.323, DSS1 or SS7), our highly qualified technical staff will make it work to get the best results and provide the maximum qualitative voice transmission via the network of TG Transit.

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